July 2009

Nov 30
My poor door after the brick was thrown through it

My poor door after the brick was thrown through it


…it all started with last night.  Marianna and I had left to go to Elle’s 21st birthday extravaganza.  I got there and saw some old friends and met some new ones.  We got DRUNK to oblivion and I blame it on the shots of Patron Gianni bought.  A lot of things went down last night but what happened at Central Bar, will stay at Central Bar.  I even gave the Irish bartender (who is from Belfast *le sigh*) my phone number on the receipt.  I don’t know why because he wasn’t that attractive, I just love British/Scottish/Irish accents.

We cab it home with a new guy, Randy, since he lived a few blocks from Marianna and I.  He asked me to smoke a J with him and I was like “nah, I’m going to bed” and I don’t remember walking in my house (do I ever?) and woke up at 7:30am feeling like crap.  I had this internal conflict whether to get out of bed and get a glass of water or stay in bed.  I went back to sleep, woke up at 11:30am and about 10 minutes later Elle calls me and tells me she’s locked out of her house and has no where to go.

This is when it gets crazy….

I tell Elle to get on the train to my house (which she has never been to before today) and I would walk to the train station and we’ll walk back to my house together.  I left my house with everything good and I was gone no more than 20 minutes when I find that my key won’t go into the screen door to unlock it.  I look in the lock and I go “omg, it’s filled with some goo inside” and I decide to smell my key and try to scrap the goo out, realizing it’s superglue.  Mind you, it is pouring rain out and our umbrellas are closed because we’re trying to unlock the door.  Elle is jabbing the keyhole with a nail we found in the yard (because my yard is a construction zone at the moment) and no luck because the glue is still sort of wet.  I repeatedly call Antonio to help me fix this problem but no dice.  His phone isn’t working.  I’m freaking out now so we decide that our only way to get in is if we break the glass on the screen door.

I choose a broom stick I find and Elle goes “no, it needs to be something that’ll be one shot” and she grabs a brick and flings it at the glass and BAM! it shatters.  The mess was horrendous and I still can’t figure out how we swept all that glass up.  IT WAS EVERYWHERE!  Antonio calls me back about 15 minutes after this debacle.

I smoked a lot of cigarettes and that did not help the hangover.  I even drank more alcohol and that made me get a headache.  We scarfed pizza’s and dropped Elle home.  My entire body hurts from the stress of having to buy new glass and a new lock with money I don’t have.

I told Elle this is a 21st birthday to remember.

Nov 29

The month of July was INSANE!  I went to so many places in so little time and on top of it all, I was studying abroad in Pescara, Italy.  I took two classes, although I had taken the second one previously so I just had to sit through it for no reason, while working on my thesis at night.  I’m surprised I even got out at all, but I did! Probably the reason I lost almost 10 pounds in that month, plus all the running around we did on the excursions.

I think this is the perfect first entry for tumblr, even though I don’t know what the **** I am doing.

The first picture is the most sentimental for me, I met my brother and sister for the first time.  I didn’t post her in here though, she doesn’t like pictures of her being on the internet so I will respect her wishes for that.

My brother is flying in with his wife and son (his daughter has to work and cannot take off for 3 weeks) :( and they will be here for the holidays!  I am so excited.  A Christmas and New Years with family, for the first time in my life.  My life changed so much in 2009,  Obama was right!! lol.

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